Shirley Auto Body’s Heartwarming Turkey Donation

Spreading Joy and Nourishment to Needy Families

On a memorable Saturday, November 22nd, the compassionate team at Shirley Auto Body took it upon themselves to make a difference in the community by donating a generous amount of 71 turkeys to St. Jude’s Outreach. Their mission was clear: to provide nourishment and bring joy to needy families on Thanksgiving Day.

A Tradition of Giving Back

With immense gratitude, Anthony Posanti, the dedicated owner of Shirley Auto Body, expressed, “This marks our 3rd year of giving back to the community, and we consider ourselves truly fortunate for the opportunity.” Anthony’s family has deep roots in Shirley, as his parents moved to this welcoming community in 1973. Being born and raised here and now raising his own daughter, he is immensely proud to call Shirley home.

Serving the Community for Over 30 Years

Since its establishment in 1974, Shirley Auto Body has been an integral part of the community, providing dependable automotive services. Anthony explained, “Operating our small business in this wonderful community for over 30 years has been an incredible blessing.” Their commitment to giving back, particularly during the holiday season, reflects their desire to ensure that every individual in the community experiences a truly special Thanksgiving celebration.

A Collective Effort of Kindness

The turkey donation was made possible by the dedicated team at Shirley Auto Body. Anthony was accompanied by some wonderful individuals who eagerly contributed to the cause. His father, Joseph Posanti, his sister, Kate Devenney, and her children, Charleigh and Michael Devenney, along with Anthony’s own daughter, Gwen Posanti, all worked together to deliver the heavy turkeys to St. Jude’s Outreach. Their combined efforts made the day truly extraordinary.

A Heartfelt Impact

When asked about her experience in helping those in need, 9-year-old Gwen shared her profound insight, saying, “It feels really good to help people in need so they can feed their family for Thanksgiving.” Her words encapsulate the spirit of Shirley Auto Body and their genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Shirley Auto Body’s donation of 71 turkeys to St. Jude’s Outreach exemplifies their unwavering commitment to customer service, community, and philanthropy. Through their actions, they continue to strengthen the bonds within the community they proudly serve.